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Gen-Shi Laboratories is a well-known Japanesse pharmaceutical brand with a long history. The pharmaceutical factory of the company is located in Japan. It produces high-quality steroid drugs - anabolic and androgens.

This brand introduced new production technologies and significantly expanded its product range.

Gen-Shi Laboratories Product Features

Product quality and the production of new products is possible thanks to their own research laboratory at a pharmaceutical factory in Japan. Today Gen-Shi Labs is the largest exporter of pharmaceutical products. The brand closely cooperates with international research institutes and clinics.

Advantages of brand products:

  • High quality drugs for sports.
  • A huge variety of steroids, peptides and ancillaries.
  • High degree of efficiency.
  • The use of nanotechnology in production.

Each buyer can independently study the compositions and all products Gen-Shi Labs. The official website of the manufacturer will give consumers a lot of valuable information that allows you to buy effective and necessary drugs in each case.

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