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Description and History of Peptides

Peptides are organic compounds consisting of amino acid chains and are structural units of proteins. Peptide-based preparations usually contain their synthetic analogues, which have structural (regeneration, tissue construction) or functional (regulation of metabolism and other intracellular processes) effects.

As active nutrients, peptides have become famous in molecular biology and pharmacology due to their diverse functions. Synthesis of peptide compounds for use as therapeutic agents began immediately after the discovery of their regulatory properties in the body. To date, peptide-based drugs can be bought at pharmacies and online pharmacy stores. These funds are widely used in medicine, cosmetology, professional sports.

As a rule, peptides in bodybuilding are used to increase the shape and total muscle mass, as well as to stimulate growth hormone and correct physical indicators. There are a large number of use cases and types of cycles, including peptidic complexes of different composition and effectiveness.

The effect of taking peptides in sports

The use of peptide drugs and bodybuilding supplements gives the following effects:

  • stimulation of growth hormone synthesis;
  • enhancing anabolic processes;
  • muscle mass gain;
  • fat burning;
  • increased muscle shape;
  • enhancement of tissue regenerative properties.

Before taking products with peptides, it is recommended to consult a specialist in sports medicine to rule out contraindications, correct cycle planning, and select effective and safe dosages.

Features of peptide drugs

The cycle of peptides usually does not exceed 8 weeks. Injections are made into the fatty tissue (in the belly fold) with an insulin-type syringe. The time of exposure of the active substances after administration is about 4-5 hours, therefore, to achieve an increase in lean muscle mass and increase strength, injections are made up to 3 times a day. A good effect, especially for beginners, is the combination of peptide agents GHRP-6 and GHRP-2. For athletes experienced in sports pharmacology, the addition of MGF-peg to this cycle is possible, which will give a more powerful gain in lean muscle mass.

You can buy peptides in our online store. Only original products from Kalpa Pharmaceuticals and European manufacturers of sports pharmacology of recognized quality, as well as related products for bodybuilding, are on sale.

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