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What's the latest finding on cancer, diabetes or the effects of narcotics?

KalpaPharm writers tell about the research on health matters.

  • How to Use Crypto ? How to Use Crypto ?

    Wondering how to use Crypto payment methods on Kalpa Pharma store ? Here is a guide on how to proceed easily with crypto payments.

  • Our Bodies of Water Our Bodies of Water

    If the human body is around two thirds water (more in children and less in the elderly), then where is it all? And why is there so much of it?

  • Stem Cells May be Key to Hair Loss, Yale Researchers Discover

    A cure for male pattern baldness may be no more than injecting bald men with healthy fat cells. That's what Yale research has found.

  • Microbes at Work

    Although it sounds ghastly, human beings who are made up of trillions of cells, are also swarming with trillions of microbes that help keep them well.

  • Injecting Steroids Injecting Steroids

    How to inject safely. Complete info on needle sizes and methods of injecting steroids.

  • Testosterone and Ageing Testosterone and Ageing

    How steroids delay the ageing process . Publication by Rick Cohen M.D. for International Anti Ageing Systems shows how testosterone slows down premature ageing.

  • Fake Steroids Fake Steroids

    The art of the fake steroid. The truth about fake steroids and steroid clones and substitutes.

  • Steroids in Sports Steroids in Sports

    Steroids are legal for personal use in many countries but in sporting competitions they are banned. New "designer" Steroid THG.

  • Steroids and Woman Steroids and Woman

    Effects of testosterone on the female, physical effects. Hormone comparison of men and woman. Sex drive and libido: increased metal skills.

  • Steroid Questions Steroid Questions

    F.A.Q. on correct use application and effects. Questions and answers on steroid use.

  • Steroid Stacks Steroid Stacks

    Combinations of steroids allow the activation of more receptor sites. How stacks and cycles work.

  • Injection F.A.Q. Injection F.A.Q.

    How to: guide on how to inject oil-based steroids. Mistakes and what to expect after steroid injection. Where to inject anabolic steroids and how.

  • Safe Steroids for Bodybuilding Safe Steroids for Bodybuilding

    Are there safe anabolic steroids and how they are called, which are better suited for gaining muscle mass and strength for beginners.

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