Injecting Steroids

Whenever we think of injecting we almost always remember those unpleasant sharp pricks that are administered when giving a blood sample.

Steroid needles, however, are not stuck into the vein [intravenous] but into a painless area of the muscle [intramuscular].

Muscle injections are virtually without sensation and painless.


2 needles.
One for drawing and one for injecting.
DRAWING = 21G 0,8 x 4o Green
Draw the fluid into the syringe.

INJECTING = 23 G 0,6 x 25 or (30) Blue
Lift off the drawing needle and put on the injecting needle.

The most common place for injecting is the gluteus (buttocks) This is the favored place because, again, there is little sensation and there are few veins to get in the way.

Site Injecting

Site injecting in the arms has the effect of unfolding the muscle and causing the fibers to expand. The receptor areas in the upper body are very prone to accepting the steroid molecules.

Using Nandroxyl in the region of the upper arm will show results in 24 hours.

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