Steroid Stacks

Steroid Stacks


Steroid "stacks" is the terminology for describing what combination of steroids to use to promote size and tone. Using more than one type of steroid during a cycle cause the
receptor sites to better utilized causing greater growth.

A receptor site is like a keyhole. The steroid molecule is like the key. The key locks into the receptor keyhole and forms a bond which then starts to cause growth in the muscle cell.


A steroid cycle describes the length of time on a steroid course. The theory of cycles follows the principle that steroid receptors get used to steroid molecules and respond with less growth if subjected to a continuous administration. This means that continuous use would result in the athlete having to increase the dosage to achieve the same results.

Breaking the connection of the steroid steroid molecule and the receptor allows the receptor site to recover. On the second application of steroid to the receptor (second cycle) the potential growth is enhanced owing to recovery of the receptor site.

In terms of a health, breaking off from a steroid administration for 4 weeks is desirable in any event since it is the continuous use of steroids without an interval of none use which could cause health problems in the long term.


There are numerous types of steroids available but for best results combined with good all round availability you should consider the following list.

To promote large body size :

Dianoxyl 10

40.00 USD
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Nandroxyl 250

70.00 USD
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Sustaxyl 350

38.50 USD
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Testoxyl Cypionate 250

47.00 USD
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Testoxyl Enanthate 250

47.00 USD
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To promote hardness and conditioning :

Stanoxyl 10

28.00 USD
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49.00 USD
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Post steroid compounds such as clomixyl should be incorporated into your cycle.

Using clomixyl will allow you to keep the gains you have made during your cycle. Clomixyl also regenerates the testosterone level when you have discontinued a course of steroids and keeps your body in a high anabolic state. Clomixyl will do the job of HCG and is a suitable substitute. As a completion to a steroid course clomixyl is also suitable in that it is similar to Stanoxyl.

If you are not limited in funds then Clenbutaxyl would be an excellent substance to include also.

How much for how long ?

We recommend a minimum of 3 mL of steroid per week for 10 weeks.

Ad to this 2 tabs of Dianoxyl 10 per day for 6 weeks, 84 tabs.

Take 4 weeks as a suitable off cycle.

Stacking Steroids

Stacking means combining various steroids. This is highly recommended for optimum results.

The best known combinations for size are

  • Nandroxyl / Dianoxyl
  • Testoxyl / Dianoxyl
  • Nandroxyl / Testoxyl / Dianoxyl

This allows you to get the benefit of both injected and oral (tablet) steroid.

Here is an example of a beginners stacking cycle that we would recommend to promote huge body size.

Week 1. 3 mL of Nandroxyl
Week 2. 3 mL of Nandroxyl
Week 3. 3 mL of Nandroxyl / * 14 tabs Dianoxyl.
Week 4. 3 mL of Testoxyl / 14 tabs Dianoxyl.
Week 5. 3 mL of Testoxyl / 14 tabs Dianoxyl.
Week 6. 3 mL of Testoxyl / 14 tabs Dianoxyl.
Week 7. 3 mL of Testoxyl / 14 tabs Dianoxyl.
Week 8. 3 mL of Testoxyl / 14 tabs Dianoxyl.
Week 9. 1 mL of Testoxyl
Week 10. 1 mL of Nandroxyl
Week 11. Clomixyl

* 2 tabs per day. 1 morning & 1 evening.

Testoxyl / Dianoxyl Cycle

Now this is where you really start to show results! This stack will put you in another league.

Week 1. 1 mL of Nandroxyl
Week 2. 2 mL of Testoxyl
Week 3. 4 mL of Testoxyl / * 14 tabs methandrostenlone.
Week 4. 4 mL of Testoxyl / 14 tabs methandrostenlone.
Week 5. 4 mL of Testoxyl / 14 tabs methandrostenlone.
Week 6. 4 mL of Testoxyl / 14 tabs methandrostenlone.
Week 7. 4 mL of Testoxyl / 14 tabs methandrostenlone.
Week 8. 4 mL of Testoxyl / 14 tabs methandrostenlone.
Week 9. 2 mL of Testoxyl
Week 10. 1 mL of Testoxyl
Week 11. Clomixyl

Stacking Varieties

There are many hundreds of steroids on the market. None of them will give you a better result in combination than the ones we specify here as top rated and affordable.

Don't be lured by steroid cocktails. A Mr Universe we know won his weight category with the use of 7 mL of Testoxyl a week combined with Dianoxyl.


Tapering is a controversial subject. Is it necessary to reduce the amount of mL taken in a week at the end of a cycle ?

Medical research into the use of steroids is not vast. The tests which have been carried out do not answer this question and we feel that the theory of tapering is not proven.

For the competing body builder switching to muscle hardening substances at the completion of a cycle pre competition is usual but for the man in the street we would say that tapering is unnecessary.

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