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Safe anabolic steroids or safe steroids - this is the name given to drugs made in pill form, in which many people believe in a wonderful effect on the body. The search for a safe for health and at the same time highly effective anabolic is akin to the search for alchemists of the philosopher's stone - it seems to be there, but in fact it does not exist. Remember the famous phrase of Paracelsus, which says that everything is poison and everything is medicine. Why do some athletes use modern AAS which help to achieve unprecedented professional heights, while others because of their reception get serious health problems - that is the question that concerns many.

There is no secret, just to the process of training should be approached correctly and systematically. The human body is designed so that it is natural to strive for homeostasis, a state of equilibrium, which is caused by the constancy of the internal environment. For the presence of such a condition is the nervous system. The impact on it is really exerted only through hormones, for which the hypothalamus is successfully functioning.

Most often, there are several drugs that have the least negative impact on the athlete's body. They are often used to conduct the first cycles, to look at the reaction of the organism and not to face obvious side effects.

Turanaxyl is indeed today the most sought-after oral anabolic steroid, which is used by both pros and beginners in small dosages. To get side effects, you need to overestimate the recommended dosage several times.


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Oxandroxyl and Stanoxyl are also used orally, they are not as effective, but are considered even safer and are often used even by women.

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In the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes ligament, which is important for any athlete, it is the hypothalamus that is the link that unites both systems of the body. Its task is to develop specific release hormones, which experts classify into statins and liberins.

Liberins contribute to the active functioning of the pituitary gland, statins somewhat inhibit its work. Since the hypothalamus and pituitary have both direct and feedback, it can become both positive and negative. When exogenous hormones get into the body of an athlete who wants to have pumped up muscles, the hypothalamus contributes to the production of either statins or liberins.

After long cycles of steroids, athletes must use hCG to normalize the endocrine system and PCT in order to normalize the body’s production of testosterone and testicular function. It is preferable for health to spend not too long and easy to understand steroid cycles.

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No need to entertain yourself with illusions, safe AAS does not exist in nature. And the question is not so - will their reception harm the endocrine system? Of course, this will happen, it is important to know, to a greater or lesser extent.

It is possible to give only general recommendations, so that any athletes could at least minimize the risk of harm to their health.

  1. It is necessary to start with the minimum working recommended dosages, monitor the drug's reaction to the body.
  2. It is also great if you will only “cycle” one steroid and not delay the cycle longer than 8 weeks. This will be enough to get good results in terms of building up dry, stiff and dense muscles, increasing strength and endurance, and at the same time less harm to the nervous and endocrine system.
  3. It is necessary to take a break between cycles in order to have time to rest and recover, and in time it must be the same as the steroid cycle in duration.

Safe Anabolic Steroids: Oxandroxyl, Stanoxyl, Turanaxyl

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