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    Drug Class: Androgen; Anabolic Steroid
    Active Substance: Oxandrolone 10mg
    Active Life: 9 Hours
    Average Dose: 2.5-50 mg/day
    Liver Toxicity: Low
    Aromatization Rate: No
    Anabolic Rate: 400%
    Androgenic Rate: 24%
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Oxandrolone (Oxandroxyl 10)

CAS Number: 53-39-4

Common Name: Oxandrolone

Trade Name: Anavar

Original Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

You might be surprised to know how relatively recently bodybuilders have discovered the usefulness of Oxandrolone. Its chemical structure was first discovered and documented in 1962, but it was several years later that G.D. Searle & Co. first manufactured the drug for pharmaceutical use (although less strict than today, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) of that time still had an approval process that required lengthy and thorough clinical trials - In fact, as you can see, Searle was one of the first firms subject to clinical trials in order to bring Oxandrolone to the public).

Searle’s clinical trials demonstrated that Oxandrolone (which they marketed under the trade name of “Anavar” in the United States, and sold or licensed in other countries under several different trade names) was a drug that was very effective as a mild anabolic, designed to maintain and promote, during catabolic illness, lean tissue growth or maintenance following “surgery, trauma, infection or prolonged corticosteroid administration, or the support of bone density in patients with osteoporosis”. All this done safely - So safely that women and even children were included as subjects in the clinical trials. In any case, its chemical properties documented and FDA approval obtained in two years (as opposed to the seven years common today for FDA approval of new drugs), Anavar was available to the public via a Doctor’s prescription by 1964.

Bodybuilders, as their character demands (call it body dysmorphia or just a desire to sculpt one’s physique to the peak of perfection), immediately gravitated to the drugs and cycles that would produce the ideal results for building muscle, shedding fat, and reducing water retention. The most powerful of these drugs, having such dramatically more rapid and visible effects than Anavar eclipsed this enormously useful drug for years and years, and right on the verge of a revived interest in it due to mysterious, and apparently permanent, although minor losses of adipose tissue (fat) and increased vascularity discovered by long term, relatively high dosages (safe due to the drug’s design), it was eclipsed again by the reformulation of Oral Turinabol, a drug used secretly by Soviet bloc countries in the Olympics before the Berlin Wall came down, the ability to make Trenbolone Acetate at low cost at one’s own home (a very close analog of the by then out of production for some time Parabolan), and, of course, the eclipse of all eclipses, Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (rHGH). By 2008 or so, however, with the much tighter control of rHGH by the FDA, and despite a continuous flow of Chinese generic versions of the peptide, enthusiasm for it had waned greatly due to its difficulty to obtain, its expense, and the discovery that many, if not most of the generic Chinese versions were fake.

So, we’ve already established that Searle’s clinical trials and the FDA’s approval of Oxandrolone established it as a mild anabolic, designed to maintain and promote lean tissue growth or maintenance. We’ve also established that Oxandroxyl 10 is so mild in terms of its side effects that women and even children were included as subjects in the clinical trials, and that it was approved for their use as well. That’s unheard of for a steroid this useful - There isn’t another that has ever achieved that distinction. Now, as useful as “stacks”, or “cycles” are, Oxandroxyl 10 is also one of the only drugs that bodybuilders have used by itself with very good results - either for contest preparation, or bridging between cycles of drugs that have harsher side effects and are prone to aromatization. Well, with rHGH having lost its cachet as the new darling of serious bodybuilders (and, coincidentally, many of us who were in our prime during the heyday of rHGH and mega doses of 3-4 drugs at a time growing a bit long in the tooth), attention turned once again to Oxandroxyl 10, and suddenly the market was flooded with bodybuilders and the new class of “physique competitors” seeking the drug. With it not having been a big seller for many years, both commercial pharmaceutical firms who had formerly produced generics once Searle’s patent expired, and underground manufacturers no longer stocked it, however - Searle had discontinued the drug in the late 1970’s when the public furor over anabolic / androgenic steroids was beginning, due to a stone aged group of Medical Doctors at the American Medical Association insisting they did not aid in building muscle, and an all too willing government fanning the flames (this was something that would give politicians more control over the population, and a new pet project to justify pouring tax dollars into: The growth of the FDA, and the beginning of what would eventually become the “war on drugs”), the supply of both ready to buy tablets and the raw material (in powder form) to manufacture it was very low. Chinese drug companies, however, never slow to jump on a moving freight train of money, were soon producing raw Oxandrolone powder again, and the Chinese, having had many years to perfect their laboratories and educate their research scientists and physicians, actually produced very high quality raws. Underground laboratories moved to snap up the supplies, but even they were shocked at the price - Apparently Oxandrolone (quality Oxandrolone, comparable to the original Anavar) is expensive to manufacture, as are most good drugs, and that cost was passed on to the end user, resulting in one of the most expensive oral steroids available - But also one of the most effective, finally being used by a large number of amateur and professional athletes…and they were shocked at what they found.

Again, bodybuilders think of their bodies like laboratories and all too often have a “more is better” attitude when it comes to food, training, sleeping, and, of course, drug dosages. The original Searle Anavar tablets contained 2.5mg of Oxandrolone, where the ones being produced by underground laboratories typically contained (as they still do today) 10mg of the drug. When Doctors were prescribing the drug for its original purpose, “…to maintain and promote, during catabolic illness, lean tissue growth or maintenance following surgery, trauma, infection or prolonged corticosteroid administration, or the support of bone density in patients with osteoporosis”, they prescribed, as Doctors are prone to do, conservative dosages of the drug; anywhere from 2.5mg per day for children, perhaps 7.5mg per day for adult females, and 12.5-20mg per day for adult males for either 30 or 60 days following surgery, trauma, infection or prolonged corticosteroid administration, and for patients with osteoporosis, perhaps 7.5mg per day for several years, or life (osteoporosis, once manifested, doesn’t go away). Bodybuilders, of course, read what they could find, shrugged, and started tossing 40mg per day down their throats, divided so that part of the dosage was taken every four hours to keep blood levels consistent. More adventurous bodybuilders started at 60mg per day. It took a year or so of experimentation, but as with any other drug that was not designed for bodybuilding, but clearly suitable for it, bodybuilders dissected the best dosages for the desired effect, word spread from mouth to mouth in gyms, then to the internet, and today we know that Oxandrolone, though expensive, is invaluable for several purposes, and that its dosage should be adjusted accordingly for the desired effect. What follows is a synopsis of what you can expect from Oxandrolone for several different purposes, the ideal estimated dosage for that purpose, how long it will take you to see results depending on the result you are seeking, and how to tell if the drug is working at all, without a lab test. If the effect is best achieved by combining Anavar with another drug, this will also be noted.

Example Uses of Oxandroxyl 10 for Male Bodybuilders

A mild, oral only (no injectibles) cycle to give already lean bodybuilders a “harder” look to their muscles, increased vascularity, and mild strength gains, along with mild weight loss:

Here again is an application that Oxandrolone lends itself uniquely to; no other orally administered anabolic can produce effects all by itself that are both dramatic and long lasting…and multi-purpose, all by itself. There is no question that oral only cycles are dangerous (liver toxic because of the dosages required, raised blood pressure, aromatization), and that the results are short lived, unless the oral in question is Oxandrolone. This type of cycle usually uses a moderate dosage (40mg/day) for an extended period of time (90-120 days - It is not unknown for bodybuilders to run this dosage for 6 months, although that is quite expensive). Increases in strength and the appearance of muscle hardness typically manifest in the 4th week of usage (this is true regardless of the amount of Oxandrolone used - It just seems to take 4 weeks to accumulate enough in the system to “kick in”), and any fat loss starting in the 6th to 8th week, and continuing for the duration of the cycle. Oxandrolone, as it does not aromatize, also requires no PCT, so there is no need for Arimixyl, Letroxyl, Nolvaxyl, Clomixyl, or HCG.

A pre-contest preparation cycle that will produce more strength gains, vascularity, no water retention, and no aromatization to Estrogen:

Simply adding another drug with properties similar to both Oxandrolone and Nandrolone Decanoate (without the water retention associated with Nandrolone), and previously mentioned here, Boldenone Undecyclate (formerly marketed as a veterinary steroid under the trade name Equipoise, now only available from Kalpa under trade name Boldaxyl 300) and increasing the Oxandrolone dosage to 50mg/60mg per day will produce markedly increased strength gains than an Oxandroxyl 10 only cycle, and for some reason, the two drugs seem to work synergistically although they are both anabolics with a very low to zero androgenic ratio. Using them together tends to somehow make them each perform their function to a higher degree than either would alone, perhaps because they produce the same type of results - fat loss, vascularity, strength increase, and results can last for a long time after the cycle ends with no PCT required, even for very long (say 120 days) cycles. Boldenone has a very mild effect on the libido (dampening it somewhat, although nowhere near as much as its cousin, Nandrolone), and Oxandrolone does not aromatize, where Dianabol does, and quickly. This cycle is almost a baby analog to the classic Dianabol and Nandrolone Decanoate cycle everyone tries at one point or another, only without the water retention and much greater strength gains Dianabol provides, or the water retention and devastated libido Nandrolone Decanoate provides. The theory behind the Oxandrolone and Boldenone version of this cycle, however, is a bit different. Where Dianabol’s full effects take 5-7 days to achieve, giving the Nandrolone, which takes longer (<> 18 days) to start applying its anabolic properties a chance to accumulate while the user reaps the benefits of Dianabol’s androgenic effect, and for a week or two, (typically weeks 5 and 6, as it is wise to stop Dianabol usage after 6 weeks), the bodybuilder on this cycle will experience both the muscle engorging pumps of Dianabol and the supportive water retention in the joints and connective tissues of the Nandrolone. The Oxandrolone and Boldenone combination, however, works almost, well, like the bearded Spock version of the classic Dianabol and Nandrolone cycle - the injectible Boldenone Undecyclate is the faster acting compound of the two anabolics, so it starts the cycle off within 3-7 days of the first injection, while the Oxandrolone takes roughly 4 weeks to bind…and once the synergy of the two drugs takes effect, the pumps and road map vascularity the bodybuilder achieves can be maintained for up to 18 weeks - Or longer in a novice steroid user…with none of the painful lower back pumps Dianabol is famous for. If Stanoxyl (the famous Winstrol, developed by Winthrop Laboratories (Sterling Drug), now available in low or high dose tablets or injectible suspension from various generic manufacturers and underground laboratories) is added to this cycle, it is one of the safest and most effective pre-contest cycles extant.

An intermediate bodybuilder’s cycle that will produce muscle mass (lean tissue growth) while keeping side effects to a minimum:

In addition to being ideally suited for those seeking only moderate changes to their physique and a drug that does not aromatize or result in a large amount of liver toxicity, Oxandroxyl 10 is also very well suited for stacking with drugs that produce much more strength and lean tissue gains, but also have a risk of side effects such as liver toxicity, depression of the libido, and aromatization to Estrogen. Consider the typical off-season mass building cycle of an oral such as Dianoxyl, Anadroxyl, Methyltestosterone, Haloxyl, or Turanaxyl (God help us, not all of them, but choose one), a Testosterone either with an ester (i.e., Propionate, Cypionate, Enanthate, or Undecanoate) or without (Suspension), and an injectible anabolic such as Nandroxyl 250 or Primoxyl 100 (formerly marketed by the Pharmaceutical giant Schering as Primobolan Depot). By replacing the harsher (although admittedly more effective at mass building) orals with Oxandroxyl 10, the bodybuilder simultaneously reduces the androgenic ratio of the cycle, reducing the amount of aromatization, garners the unique fat burning and muscle hardening effects of Oxandrolone, reduces water retention, and again, although no one has really been able to explain why, will keep more of his gains after PCT.

Oxandrolone and “bridging” for Male Bodybuilders:

“Bridging” is the practice used by Bodybuilders who choose not to cycle their AAS usage (i.e., use a stack for 10-12 weeks, run a PCT regimen, take 12 weeks off, and use another stack), but to stay on at the very least a low dosage of a single drug, or perhaps a stack of 2-3 drugs at very low dosages in between “Blast” cycles at much higher dosages, thus using AAS for the entire year. The first drug used for this purpose was, of course, Testosterone, usually the Cypionate or Enanthate ester, injected at a low dose of 200mg per week. Other Bodybuilders chose to use small (20mg) doses of Dianabol daily. Other drugs used for this purpose are Methenolone Acetate (Primoxyl tablets), or Methyltestosterone tablets (usually at a low, 20mg dosage and only on training days).

Considering the unique properties of Oxandrolone however (although certainly balanced against the price of the drug), bodybuilders who practice bridging and can afford to do so might do well to consider using it, rather than another drug to bridge in between cycles. We’ve already described how Anavar promotes lean tissue maintenance during dieting, and at the same time aids in weight loss - and off season bodybuilders, given the amount they eat, should certainly see that as an advantage, along with the mild strength gains associated with even relatively low doses (20mg - 30mg/day).

Oxandrolone usage for Female Bodybuilders:

Again, uniquely, Oxandrolone was actually approved by the FDA when Searle provided their clinical trials data - Even for females and children. While we won’t discuss its use in children, Oxandrolone, at low dosages of 10mg - 20mg per day can improve a female bodybuilder’s strength, muscle hardness, and the same mysterious long lasting and noticeable increased leanness and vascularity, without concerns about virilization. Females should use Oxandrolone for no more than 6-8 weeks at a time, and no more than two times a year, not because there is hard data regarding crossing those boundaries, but because there is so much that is not yet understood about Oxandrolone and its unique properties (and perhaps never will be, now that it is no longer approved for use by the FDA).

Some Last Notes:

Another difference between Oxandroxyl 10 and other more widely used oral steroids is that most orals are used because they have a very fast acting effect. Oxandroxyl 10 takes, by general consensus, at least four, if not five weeks to build up sufficiently in the system to create noticeable effects…but the flip side of that coin is that it also takes four to five weeks to gradually lose its effect entirely after the last tablet is consumed.


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Oxandroxyl 10 Reviews

  • Aug 16, 2021 (08:49) Everything works perfectly so far. The Oxandroxyl will lean and harden you up.
  • Feb 12, 2021 (05:32) The var was for a friend and he said it was the best that he has ever had. Sadly, that is all the information I could relay about its quality.
  • Jun 24, 2019 (13:51) I'm recovering from a sporting injury so oxandroxyl has helped me loads recovering, helping me build back that strength and muscle, and help the damaged tendons I have to repair. At the moment I'm roughly taking around 25mg per day, this has been a cycle for 6 weeks now. During the 2nd-3rd week I noticed my Strength improving massively, along side a decrease in my body fat down to about 8%, very happy with the product and quality will continue to use Kalpas Anvar.
  • Jun 11, 2019 (10:43) The quality of the product has always been great as I only use Kalpa's oxandroxyl. I added lean mass and dropped my BF down to 8% as I upped my CV and got more harder and more leaner and was shredding up with the high reps & low - moderate weights I was doing

    overall a happy bunny
  • Jun 10, 2019 (12:23) Product was ordered for my gf and she was using 5mg a day splitting the tab in 2 and she has been leaning out nicely

    You can place your trust in these guys they are always on top of there ball game
  • May 1, 2019 (13:03) I will say, I'm only about a week in but the product appears to be working as expected. Pumps are remaining in the muscle group worked. I've also noted muscle fiber density is improving. Too soon in to notice any appreciable uptick in strength obviously. I will certainly report back, once the product has more time to develop in the system.

    Product was properly authenticated on the manufacturer web site, to ensure it's legit. No hiccups. I will say, this added feature helps to ease the mind vis-a-vis the volume of bogus products flooding our community. Others should take the time to use this resource and report promptly, should there arise an authentication issue.
  • Apr 11, 2019 (11:06) I've used the oxandroxyl and prop. results were stellar. In my experience Kalpa oxandroxyl can be used at 5mg ed for great results. I burn as much bf as I want with only that and proper diet. I don't have to add clen or cyto. Also strength increases are nice. I can say the same about the test prop. Except the strength increase is more pronounced and I can actually keep up with my husband in the sex drive dept.
  • Mar 27, 2019 (09:44) Oxandroxyl helped make the cutting process much easier for me. I became much more vascular around week 3 I was on it. Bf around my lower back dropped dramatically (also helpful with diet) strength also went up and stayed up after I dropped the Stanoxyl and kept running the Oxandroxyl.

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