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  • Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals LTD, India
    Drug Class: Androgen; Anabolic Ateroid; Androgen Ester; Progestogen
    Active Substance: Trenbolone Acetate 100mg
    Active Life: 1-1.5 Days
    Average Dose: 200-700 mg/week
    Liver Toxicity: Yes
    Aromatization Rate: No
    Anabolic Rate: 500%
    Androgenic Rate: 500%
    This Price Is Per 1 Vial (10 mL Each)
80.00 USD

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5+ 76.00 USD -4.00 USD 380.00 USD 20.00 USD
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20+ 68.00 USD -12.00 USD 1360.00 USD 240.00 USD

Real Trenboxyl Acetate 100 Made by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals

Trenboxyl Acetate is a strong and powerful compound that has high androgenic and anabolic properties. It gives the user a fast and powerful strength gain without causing excessive and watery body weight. The strength gain is often similar to what one would get with Anadroxyl or Dianoxyl but again without water retention. This makes is a highly rated and coveted drug among bodybuilders as it helps one put on dry lean muscle fast. For some reason it also helps users lose body fat rapidly and if protein levels are high muscle mass is acquired at an astonishingly high rate. Users of this compound find that the body takes on a very hard, dry and vascular appearance only days after the first injection.

The muscle density one puts on with Trenboxyl is completely different than what one would experience with Testosterone or its related compounds. In fact Trenboxyl causes such an insane amount of lean, hard muscle it is almost as if one is using high doses of Stanoxyl, Oxandroxyl, Clenbutaxyl and HGH but they are not! Tren is a short acting ester and must be injected at least every 2/3 days to keep blood plasma levels constant. Trenboxyl does not convert to estrogen so users don't have to worry about water retention or estrogen related side effects like gynocomastia. Many bodybuilders and physique athletes who want to obtain a ridiculous amount of detail and hardness in their bodies will combine Trenboxyl Acetate with Winstrol, Boldaxyl, Anavar, Clenbuterol, Primoxyl and HGH for unbelievable effects! No other compound gives the user such a distinctive hardness as Trenbolone does. The possible physical changes possible in just 2 weeks on Tren is enough to shock the casual observer who does not understand Anabolic Chemistry or bodybuilding and nutrition.

For power and strength athletes such as fighters, footballers, powerlifters and those requiring massive bursts of strength; Tren can be used with Dianabol or Anadrol and Testoxyl for a massive buildup of strength! Tren is considered by some to be the KING of all steroids and most who have used it will always go back to it as favorite. Doses can be kept in the range 50 - 100mg every other day for no longer than 8 weeks at a time. Some do well on as little as 200mg per week and doses can vary depending on the person's tolerance level and any noticeable side effects.

Side Effects

Trenboxyl Acetate does have some noticeable side effects if used for long periods of time or in high enough doses. It is quite kidney toxic and if one were to use for longer than 10 weeks you could experience kidney pain. Drinking plenty of water when using Trenbolone is recommended to keep kidneys flushed and healthy.

Trenboxyl can increase blood pressure so one must keep on eye on blood pressure if taking doses over 400mg per week. Trenboxyl also can cause aggression if used in high doses and for long periods of time. Trenboxyl does have a negative effect on the hypotesticular axis and a strong PCT consisting of HCG, CLOMIXYL and ARIMIXYL is recommended after the cycle has been completed.

Trenboxyl Acetate 100 Reviews

  • Apr 29, 2019 (22:00) Good clean stuff. Fast shipping. No issues whatsoever. Gained a loyal customer!
  • Apr 18, 2019 (09:35) Tren ace spot on again smooth no cough so far at 100mg eod did get some night sweats odd occasionaly but had great results cutting and holding muscle my cardio wasnt really affected too much either which i was suprised its defo my fav compound lucky for me i must be one that doesnt suffer too much sides with tren so i can run much longer but do take a break after 16wks for 8 wks before cycling again.
  • Mar 23, 2019 (09:02) tren ace gave me cough sometimes, expecially when i shooted it into my gluteus... metallic taste in my mounth. strenght was fantastic, i conserved all my strenght during my carbs cycling 50-100-150. is difficult to tell exactly what the var and the tren did individually, because effect was synergistic. ...but result was fantastic because my condition was the best of my life during cutting.

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