Fake Steroids

The subject of faked steroids has in recent years gone through several changes.

The discussion point causes much controversy as enthusiastic steroid pundits wax lyrical about what is and what is not a fake.

More often than not these pseudo experts are wrong often siting the real thing as a fake.

Probably the main contributor of confusion in steroids is that packaging differs from region to region.

Sustanon 250, for example, is found in several different containers.

fake steroids

The same applies to Primobolan.

Then there are the packaging changes made by the manufacturers themselves.

Often amateur pundits do not know that the makers of the steroids have changed there packaging and thus, we see genuine steroids, being branded as fakes.

When Nandrolone Decanoate was repackaged the original press stamped label was replaced by an ink stamped label.

The ink stamp was previously thought to be a sign of a fake.

Often it has been thought that inferior looking packaging is an indication of a faked steroid.

Whilst this is intuitively likely it is not true that perfect looking packaging is a guarantee that the contents are genuine.

So how do you tell a fake from a genuine product ?
The answer is that most casual users will not know the difference .

The answer, therefore , is to find a source who knows his products and rely on the source rather than on the hyped language of amateur pundits on discussion groups who will
lead you astray with their enthusiastic advice.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. If your steroids give you obvious results then they are genuine.

If, however, you do not see any results then you likely have a duff lot.

Be carefull however that you use enough steroid to see results.

It is amazing how many people believe that they can take 1 ampoule a week and get the desired results. If you are not taking at least 3 amps per week then don't be surprised if you show little progress.

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