Steroid Questions

Steroid Questions

Lasting Results

Q. Do anabolic steroids have a lasting effect ? Are gains lost at the end of a cycle ?

A. 20% of body mass growth will be made up intracellular water caused by a steroid induced retention of potassium. This will dissipate at the end of a cycle. The remaining 80% is increased muscle mass which can only result in attrition through lack of use. Muscle shrinkage would occur if the athlete did no training at all and this loss would be seen over a 1 year period. Steroid muscle is, therefore, real muscle and only inactivity will cause it to be lost. The giant size pro wrestlers and competing body builders achieve this size through constant cycling; but this continuous size and growth is genuine muscle on muscle.

Dianoxyl Dosage

Q. I'm on a 8 week cycle of Dianoxyl. How many a day should I be taking to get maxium results. As I've been told to take 10 tabs a day and is it better to spread them out during the day or 5 in the morning, and 5 in the evening which would be better or does it not matter ?

A. 10 per day is the optimum amount and is to be recommended over a 6 or 8 week cycle. Dianoxyl needs to be reintroduced into the bloodstream at regular intervals so split the course with each meal.

Length of Steroid Cycles

Q. Is 8 weeks a fixed length cycle or can you go on longer ?

A. Many pro body builders do a 20 week cycle and this is also known among pro' wrestlers. This kind of cycle is probably best for the athlete who has been on a couple of shorter cycles.

Amount of Steroid to Use

Q. How much of any one steroid is it suitable to take during a weekly period ?

A. The first timer will normally take 3 - 4 mL per week. The more advanced body builder will possibly use 7 mL a week. This increase will cause a marked development in body size.

Bridging With Weaker Steroids

Q. Is it possible to use weaker steroids during an off cycle period and is this advisable ?

A. Prolonged tapers of 2 to three months are definately not recommended. This is known as 'iatrogenic prolongation' and fits the pattern of steroid dependence. Taper for two weeks and then rest for 5 to 8 weeks to give your receptors time to recover.

Boldaxyl Pump

Q. I have heard that you can get a really good pump and vascularity with Boldaxyl. Why is this ?

A. Boldaxyl stimulates the erythropoiesis which results in the development in red blood cells. Bodybuilders, therefore, experience an good pump.

Aerobic Endurance

Q. Do steroids improve your endurance capacity ?

A. Theoretically steroids have an impact on the oxygen transport mechanism. They stimulate red blood production and hemoglobin synthesis. However, a number of studies on swimmers and runners has not produced conclusive results that would prove significant aerobic benefits.

Sustanon 350 and Sustaxyl 350

Q. I have been offered Sustaxyl 350 by someone who claims it is the same as Sustanon 350. Is this correct ?

A. Sustaxyl 350 is often offered as an identical substitue for Sustanon 350.

17 Alkylated Anabolic Steroids

Q. I have often heard the term 17 alkylated used in steroids. What does this mean exactly ?

A. This means that the steroids have been pharmacologically alterered to slow their release from the liver thus allowing them to take effect in the bloodstream.


Q. I have heard that you should use aspiration when injecting is this really necessary since I find it impossible to draw back a syringe full of oil with one hand.

A. Aspiration is a term to describe drawing back of the needle to detect blood. The idea is that if there is blood in the syringe then you have hit a vein and you should abort the injection. This is a novice mistake since intramuscular injections are in areas not occupied by veins. Steroid injections are usually in the upper arms or glutes. Drawing back on the needle is not to be recommended nor is it in any way necessary or helpful.

Nandroxyl Tablets

Q. I have been offered nandroxyl tablets. Is nandroxyl made in tablet form ?

A. Nandroxyl is not made in tablet form and these are fakes. They are sold as such since Nandrolone is the biggest name in steroids and offereing an oral nandrolone steroid is a good way to make money.

Dianoxyl Tablets

Q. I have been offered 50 mg dianoxyl tablets which are very large. Are they the real deal ?

A. Yes, they are real deal, but should be used only be advanced steroid users.

Site Injecting

Q. I have been told that site injecting makes the part you hit bigger is this true and can I use Sustaxyl 350 in my arms ?

A. Site injecting is a remarkable technique which brings amazingly fast results. The rapid attraction of water and proteins to the injected area causes the inflation. We do not recommend Sustaxyl 350 for a site injection. Sustaxyl is best used in the glutes. You should use 250 mg of Nandroxyl in each upper arm. Twice a week with Sustaxyl in the glutes as a stack. Sustaxyl and Nandroxyl are good combinations in this respect since the softer watery muscle of Nandrolone is refined by the harder core supplied by Sustaxyl.


Q. I am considering using 100 mg of Andriol a day. Is this the right dosage ?

A. Testosterone undeconate is excreted very fast through the urine and so it has a short life. Andriol only really takes effect at 280mg per day. At a lower dosage there is not enough testosterone in the blood to build muscle. The higher dosages makes this substance unattractive compared to the needle.

Adrogenic Steroids

Q. I have heard the term androgenic in steroids. What does this mean ?

A. "Anabolic androgenic steroids" is in fact the correct term to describe the effect of these substances. Andro is the Greek term for "male" and its inclusion, in the steroid definition, is used to comment on the fact that the masculine component of steroids is inseparable from the anabolic effect. The consequence, therefore, for woman using steroids is that of virilization. This denotes the inseperable masculine effect on woman from using steroids at high dosages.

Phosphocreatine Synthesis

Q. Do steroids have any effect on CP in the muscle cell and does this make the muscle larger ?

A. Steroids do increase the CP in the muscle cell. This does not promote growth but it does influence strength. The reason CP is important is that it works during the restoration of adenosine triphosphate (ADP). The muscle uses ADP as fuel in muscle contraction. The more CP the faster the ADP can be converted and the more ADP is available to power the muscle. The positive effect of steroids is that they increase the phosphocreatine synthesis.

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