Steroids and Woman

steroids and woman

Woman who take steroids should be aware of the irriversible consequences.

Because of the masculine developing properties of steroids [virilization], females taking high dosages of steroids, over a prolonged period, will undergo severe irreversible physiological changes.

Whilst anabolic steroids have a wholesome effect on the male appearance, the female can become androgynous, having both masculine and feminine physical characteristics.

Of course, this is the outcome of taking what is a male hormone.

It has not been technically possible to develop a body building synthetic drug that is without androgens.

It is the androgenic function of steroids that is the masculine component in the various chemical actions.

Therefore, building muscle by steroids also means developing irreversible masculine characteristics.

It is possible for woman to use steroids to a degree and avoid obvious masculine features.

However, many top competing female body builders would fall into the danger zone by virtue of the amount that they take.

For many of these woman, they would rightly say, that it is their choice and their business.

If woman are aware of the consequences then it is their decision and they are entitled to it.

Female body builders should be extremely experienced before even contemplating this approach and dosage advice should be prescibed by someone who knows what they are doing.

Woman should understand the risks associated with taking anabolic steroids and consider the implications of irreversible male characteristics.

Testosterone and Estrogen Hormones

The two primary sex hormones testosterone and estrogen are present in both males and females in differing amounts.

Testosterone is primarily the male hormone and estrogen primarily the female hormone.

During maturation the female experiences a rise in the level of testosterone which enables her to grow body hair. Body hair is stimulated only by the action of androgens.

Females naturally have low levels of testosterone owing to the action of the adrenal gland and ovary.

The following table demonstrates hormone levels in adult woman and men.

Table 1 Normal Hormone Levels in Woman and Men (Yesalis)

Premenopausal Adult Woman Postmenopausal Woman Adult Man
Estadiol (pg/ml) 50 - 350 0.16 ng/ml 25
Estrone (pg/ml) 80 - 200 35 45
Testosterone (ng/nl) 0.35 0.25 600
Androstenedione 0.15 0.6 1.5

Table 2 Testosterone Effects On Men and Woman (Yesalis)

Among Males Among Females
Increase in length and diameter of penis. Increase in length and diameter of clitoris.
Development and enlargement of prostrate. May cause anovulation and development of prolycystic ovaries.
Growth of pubic, axillary, body and facial hair. Growth of pubic, axillary, body and facial hair.
Increase in libido. Increase in libido.
Increase in muscle mass and strength. Increase in muscle mass and strength.
Decrease in bodyfat. Decrease in bodyfat.
Enlargement of larynx and vocal cord thickening. Vocal chord thickening.
Long bone growth and epiphyseal closure (in puberty). Long bone growth and epiphyseal closure (in puberty).
Increase in RBC. Increase in RBC.

Woman score lower points than men in spatial abilities ( often attributed to woman finding it difficult to navigate a car into a parking space). However, following 3 months of testosterone treatment females experienced enhanced spatial awareness.

Normal woman's mid-cycle testosterone level correlates with sexual desire, behaviours and responsiveness. Androgens used by females result in an increase in libido and sexual arousal.

The greatest incidence of anabolic steroid use in woman is in the case of athletes. In such cases the obvious enhancement in muscle mass and performance should be considered against a back drop of potential side effects. Not least of which is the physical inclination toward masculine features in body and face.

Testosterone and Estrogen Hormones - Testosterone Effects On Men and Woman

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